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RAM Group is a family-owned business founded by EL-ERIAN Ahmed & Family. We take pride in our ability to administrate businesses and develop them by providing opportunities for growth. Our ultimate goal is to help businesses thrive and succeed in a competitive market by offering creative and flexible business models and development schemes.


Ahmed El-Erian (shareholder)

CEO, Founder & Board Member

Dina M. Amr (shareholder)

Board Member

Rana A. El-Faramawy

Board Member

Heba M. Eissa

Board Member


Our founders' years of experience in Engineering, Marketing, Finance, Business Development, and Design inspired them to start the company to utilize their unique combination of skills and expertise to drive success and achieve sustainable growth.

Due to the founder’s different cultural and educational backgrounds from English to German to Egyptian, they have succeeded in creating a partnership that is founded on business flexibility, creative problem- solving and belief in specialization in one's own domain. 


Together, our founders have built a company culture centered on honesty, fairness, leadership, integrity, compassion, respect, responsibility, loyalty, law-abiding, transparency, and environmental concerns.

Our team is dedicated to achieving our mission and providing exceptional products and services that exceed our clients' expectations. We are proud to be a part of this amazing journey and look forward to continuing our growth with you.

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